How to Choose the Right Bookshelf Speakers for Your Home?

The choice of acoustics is not an easy task. It would seem that there are dozens of good models on the market, each has its own characteristics and price. It looks like identical equipment, but with different power and cost, what should I look for? Do the sound quality of the dimensions and the number of speakers? Continue reading “How to Choose the Right Bookshelf Speakers for Your Home?”

Canary Flex Camera Review

The first thing you feel when you grab this security camera is its good build design which fits snugly in your palm. It weighs just 240 grams and measures 110.5*48.3 mm.

It comes with a cutting edge 360-degree magnetic swivel base. It can be installed anywhere and the camera just snaps into it and can be positioned wherever you like. Continue reading “Canary Flex Camera Review”