Canary Flex Camera Review


The first thing you feel when you grab this security camera is its good build design which fits snugly in your palm. It weighs just 240 grams and measures 110.5*48.3 mm.

It comes with a cutting edge 360-degree magnetic swivel base. It can be installed anywhere and the camera just snaps into it and can be positioned wherever you like.


In the front, you will find the camera, a motion detector and a button at the bottom. On the back, there’s a magnetic charging port and a power button.

Necessary features

It’s equipped with all the features you need. It comes with a built-in speaker and high-quality microphone which allows two-way conversations. But sadly it comes with the subscription.

Speaking of the camera, it’s HD with a 1080p image sensor, motion detector, night vision with a 116-degree wide angle lens. This should be enough for a small yard but feels somewhat less. The battery is a generous 6700 mAh claimed to last for 2 months without the motion sensor works. With the camera recording constantly it will last around a week at the most. It also comes with a USB plug adapter which is handy for indoor use. In that case, you will not require the battery at all.

The camera has an IP68 rating which means you can put it almost anywhere. It’s protected from dust and low water pressure jet or rain perhaps. But it’s advisable to prevent it from direct sunlight. The temperature range is from minus 4 to 113 degree Fahrenheit.

Canary Flex Mobile App


Post installation you will be interacting with the cam through the app. It’s available on both App store as well as Google Play. It connects to the app over Bluetooth. The configuration takes a bit of your time and patience as well.

The interface is pretty sleek and smooth. You won’t find any trouble navigating. The timeline is both horizontal and vertical. However, for getting the most out of it, you need a subscription which they prefer calling Membership. Without it, your timeline is restricted up to 24 hours.

Once the camera is on, you can see the live feed. Pull up the bottom tab and it shows the timeline of events.

Inside the setting, you can change the sensitivity of motion detector, type of notification you want to receive and so on.

Canary Flex Camera Value

Overall the outdoor/home security camera is decent considering the price and the features it has to offer. Its beautifully designed has good camera quality and offers 2 months of battery backup (this is what the company claims). Canary Flex is suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor use. In case you want more, there are always a lot of options available in case you are willing to pay more.


Compared to its rivals, it stands out pretty well in most of the departments. Where it lacks is the in the two-way talk. Whereas other offers it free, Canary Flex requires the Membership for it to work. Why it’s something most of us will not be willing to pay for.

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