Colors of the Living Room Should Be in Harmony with the Couch: Fresh Ideas in 2020

Colors of the Living Room Should Be in Harmony with the Couch

Colors can perfectly give emotion and feel on your room: either living room or media room. But, take it step further by using two colors. Add a creative touch with two different colors on your living room. There are several ideas to painting your living room with two colors.

Soft Colors

Colors of the Living Room

When soft colors fail to make an impact on their own, you can use two tones of soft colors to let each other make an effect on your living room. If you have lots of sunlight or light colored furniture in your living room, it is recommended to use softer colors. For a creative introduction to your concept, you can also extend the lighter color into a hallway.

Make a splash in two tones with soft colors. For example, you can combine ivory with green, or grayish-blues with periwinkle. Create the 1980s atmosphere on your living room with two tones mauve. Or, make aristocratic feel with two tones of pale yellows. Depending on the rest of your décor, you can combine other soft colors to make different look and feel.


naturals colors

For some new ideas, neutral shades are a good start, especially if you have couches with bold colors or strong lines or are experimenting with design for the first time. Some colors like bright white and true red are a bit stark, so neutral tones still skew cool or warm in many instances. Choose the darker color of neutrals for the walls, and then determine selecting lighter color for trims as the beginning to create a contemporary look. You can try darker color for the accents, if you are looking for a retro look. For a two colors living room, you can try some neutral, airy combos include seashell-toned whites, desert-inspired tans, or beiges with hints of blue or pink.

Bright Colors


The most challenging idea to pull off in two-colors is using bright colors. But, the effect is glorious, if you can. You can paint lots of windows and the high ceilings with bright colors. It is better for you to choose simple furniture. Incorporate a two-tone color scheme as subtly as possible, if you want bright colors in your small living room. Keep your room interesting and relaxing by using the accent color only as window trim or painting the darker color in a thin horizontal stripe. For modern and zippy, you can select orange. But, it is better for you to stay away from purple or turquoise.



When using metallic in two colors scheme, make sure to keep it simple. First, you should select a color you want. And then, get the similar color in metallic. Use painters tape with the metallic over the traditional color to paint wide stripes. For two colors room, metallic scheme might otherwise be too bold. It is possible to try fresh green, dark reds, or dark purples. You can try beiges or warmer pale pinks, if you want to combine metallic with two different colors.

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