How to Choose the Right Bookshelf Speakers for Your Home?


The choice of acoustics is not an easy task. It would seem that there are dozens of good models on the market, each has its own characteristics and price. It looks like identical equipment, but with different power and cost, what should I look for? Do the sound quality of the dimensions and the number of speakers?

Types Bookshelf Speakers


To begin with, let’s try to understand what the characteristics of “2.0”, “5.1” and the like mean, which are found in the descriptions of audio equipment.

1.0 – portable speakers. The sound quality is not very good, but they are comfortable for traveling, as they are small in size. Learn more about how to choose portable speakers – read here.

2.0 – two front speakers. The effects are in stereo mode, your favorite melodies are perfectly voiced, the sound is clearly transmitted during the broadcast of films.

2.1 – two front speakers and a subwoofer. The bass is transmitted to the subwoofer and the other frequencies to the speakers. If you put the first device on the floor, and the satellites on the table, watching movies will give maximum pleasure, all sound effects are perfectly transmitted. For lovers of high-quality music, this system is not suitable, because the subwoofer resets low frequencies, the sound is slightly distorted.

4.0 – two rear and two front speakers. Pure stereo sound is provided, designed for movie lovers, but also quite suitable for enjoying music.

4.1 – two rear and two front speakers, supplemented by another column with a subwoofer.

5.1 – two front speakers, two – rear, center and subwoofer. Maximum sound effect guaranteed. Designed for fans of high-quality movies and games with special effects.

My very first columns were Defender Blaze 30. They served me a lot and would serve the same amount, but I started thinking about a set with more powerful features.

These speakers will suit any ordinary listener who does not chase wild bass and the highest sound quality. The speakers have a nice clear sound with slightly higher mid frequencies, but this is not a minus. Rather, it adds a bit of color to the track. The stock volume is pretty good, for a regular room just right (and still remain).

At the volume close to the maximum hoarseness of the speakers was not observed. Low frequency is also missing. From the buttons / there is a power button, volume control, bass and treble controls.

The bookshelf speakers themselves are small and easily fit even on a small table, and the subwoofer, although not small, does not take up much space under the table either. Bonus you get a beautiful appearance and blue backlight on the subwoofer, which looks very nice in the dark.

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