What Brand of Vacuum Cleaner is Better to Buy?

Brand of Vacuum Cleaner

Many people are interested in buying vacuum cleaner firms first, and then choosing the best model for the house. Now there are many manufacturers and brands of this household appliance. Cleaning the house is no longer an inconvenience, since special nozzles are used, and the vacuum cleaner is not so noisy.

But keep in mind that the market has a lot of low-end specimens and fakes. Such vacuum cleaners quickly break. You need to carefully examine the product before you buy it.


Miele vacuums

The last place in the ranking of the most well-known manufacturers of vacuum cleaners is occupied by the company Miele, which positions itself as a manufacturer of premium equipment.

In the assortment of the company housekeeping equipment, laundry, refrigeration equipment, products for cooking and so on.

Concepts brand cleaning equipment

The company offers many options for cleaning rooms with a differentiated set of options.

The company’s goal is to regularly improve existing technologies to meet the new needs of a wide range of consumers. For which for more than 100 years, many awards and prizes have been received in the field of technological developments.

The devices are equipped with shock-absorbing wheels for gentle movement across the floor of the DynamicDrive. For ease of use in standard products, the handle is attached to the pipe using a clamp with a locking system.

Vortex technology used in container-type devices allows dust masses to be sucked at a speed of more than 100 km / h. The Gore CleanStream fine dust filter element constantly provides excellent cleaning through self-cleaning.

The ComfortTwister mechanism gives improved maneuverability to vertical aggregates. The supplied electric brush perfectly copes with the cleaning of pile coatings.

Most popular appliances

Models SBAD0 and SGDA0 – the best cleaning devices for working in dry mode. The devices have a lot of positive feedback, characterized by low noise, ease of use and high cleaning efficiency.


The company, which has existed for over 100 years, was created in Germany by a family of the same name Thomas.

The company is different:

  • the presence of a large number of counterparties;
  • impeccable reputation;
  • staff of highly skilled workers;
  • innovative developments;
  • production of ecological products;
  • high quality.

The company offers consumers innovative technology with aqua filters, which has received awards for the possibility of using allergies, 100% pollen trapping and air purification by 99.99%, and the development of a Wet-Jet dust suppression technology.

Unique technology brand

The company produces standard bag-type units, wireless, built-in, for dry cleaning, as well as detergents with various filtration systems.

Schematic view of the aquabox

The famous Aqua-Box system is a patented brand technology. The presence of the box allows the device to maintain a constant suction force, efficiently collect garbage particles, and effectively clean the air. In addition, the tank is convenient and easy to clean.

Another advantage is the protection of the motor against moisture on it due to the built-in sensor in the box.

Thanks to the use of a device with such a filtration system, the room is saturated with moisture, and dust and allergen microparticles flying in the air get inside the tank and settle to the bottom.

The protective function of wet-jet helps to absorb the intake of dust due to the formation of a water wall in Aquabox.

Model with aqua filter

Products with an aqua-filter are distinguished by effective cleaning of the room from small debris, a layer of dust, wool, hair, and the presence of a function of air moistening

The best representatives of the model range

Buyers most often opt for the DryBox model with dust separation into fractions and Perfect Air Feel Fresh with air fragrance function, which are intended for dry cleaning of the territory.

Vacuum Cleaner Allergy & Family

For the combined cleaning, the Allergy & Family model is recognized as the best – in addition to the main surface cleaning, it supports the function of collecting spilled liquid and multi-stage air cleaning.

Quick Stick Family 2-in-1 Vertical Device is a practical model for manual use that does an excellent job with express cleaning of smooth surfaces, nap covers and upholstered furniture.


Robotic vacuum cleaners belong to a special class, and it makes no sense to compare them with regular ones. This technique is more designed for auxiliary work, and this needs to be understood, otherwise high demands on the device will lead to disappointment.

  • IRobot has a good reputation in the segment of vacuum cleaners-robots, we will evaluate it from the position of disadvantages and advantages.
  • A wide range of products, unlike many similar manufacturers. In iRobot there are models for any requests – and simple, with a minimum set of functions, and “fancy”.
  • Price availability. Although the assortment has expensive devices, you can pick up a completely normal unit for a more reasonable price.
  • Reliable build quality.


  • And they just do not. Of course, like any manufacturer, the Airobots do not come across the most successful models, but in general the equipment meets the stated qualities.

When choosing, it is recommended to assess your needs, area, interior, and select a robotic device in accordance with all these parameters, then no disappointments will follow.

As well as conventional devices, vacuum cleaning robots come with a wet cleaning function.

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